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Mid-quarter Outlook - Overview

Volatility and activity in markets have been significantly lower in 2023 so far as the narrative of recession competes with a strong job market and a possible pause in the Fed's tightening. This series of videos examines major categories of instrument in turn with summaries of the first quarter's events and an outline of possibilities into the summer.

Mid-quarter Outlook - Forex

Despite widespread expectations late in Q1 that the Fed will start cutting rates from September, the members of the FOMC themselves remain determined that this won't happen and some have even left the door open for rates to rise further. The crucial meeting of the Fed on 14 June is likely to determine the US dollar's direction for much of the summer, while for other major currencies inflation remains central for trying to project central banks' actions or lack thereof.

Mid-quarter Outlook - Oil

OPEC+'s surprise cut to supply which is due to start from May shocked markets and led to a huge weekend gap up for oil at the beginning of the second quarter. Since then, though, crude has looked less positive as participants in markets focus on somewhat weaker data from China and the dominant narrative of an imminent or upcoming recession. Traders of oil are also likely to concentrate on non-OPEC+ production of oil, particularly in the USA.

Mid-quarter Outlook - Gold

Like bitcoin, gold made gains as the financial system in the USA faced problems in March. The metal has also made gains as traders increasingly expected the Fed to pause its rate hikes this summer and possible pivot in September or the fourth quarter of the year. As for bitcoin, though, an ongoing strong uptrend is questionable because the area around $2,000 is a crucial psychological zone of resistance.

Mid-quarter Outlook - Bitcoin

Bitcoin was one of the main gainers from 'flight to safety' during the banking crisis in the USA and Switzerland in March. It seems that 2023 has brought a return of relative confidence in exchanges and crypto in general after negativity in the fourth quarter of 2022. However, with the price consistently unable to close above $30,500, the recent range seems likely to continue until a clear new driver or narrative reaches markets.

Mid-quarter Outlook - Stock Market

2023 has been relatively quiet so far in stock markets apart from, obviously, financial shares. The trend of increasing focus on value and dividends seems to be holding, but now the stage might be set for further recovery by some tech shares amid AI mania. China's recovery and how quickly that might continue is also an important theme for shares as summer approaches.

尊享播客 - 股票

本期播客将为您介绍 CFD 在风险分散中所扮演的角色,以及其传统层面上的机会和双向交易。观看视频学习股票 CFD 日内交易。

尊享播客 - 能源

Chris 为您讲解如何在石油波动性巨大的情况下,谨慎而有效地进行交易:他强调地缘政治是关键。

尊享播客 - 金属

本期视频中,Stanislav 和 Michael 共同探讨黄金、白银、白金和钯金的价格驱动因素,以及大于外汇的波动可带来的机遇和挑战。

尊享播客 - 指数

尽管传统上指数一般用于对冲,但我们的交易专家 Yip Chun 将在本期视频中为您展示指数是一种身份多元的 CFD 资产,可以通过多种策略进行交易。

尊享播客 - 外汇

我们将在本期视频一起探讨最热门的 CFD 资产——外汇。我们的专家 Stanislav 将为您解释如何使用杠杆和短周期交易策略在保证风险较低的情况下创造独有的机会。

尊享播客 - 加密数字货币

本期播客将评估比特币和其他加密数字货币 CFD 日益普及的现象,还将特别讨论长线交易的利弊。


尽管在进行交易时,我们不可避免地会情绪起伏,Stan 在本期视频中讲解了如何延伸逻辑思维在这方面的应用,以及建立自信的方法。


本期视频中,Stanislav 和 Michael 讨论了为重大新闻发布做准备的重要性。Stan 还分享了一些行之有效的突发事件应对习惯。


本期视频讨论了不同交易时段可带来的潜在机遇和挑战,Chris 还就此分享了其真知灼见:欧洲时段是集齐各方优势的最佳选择。


图表背后的研究可能会消耗大量时间,也可能令人感到困惑。Chris 和 Michael 在本期视频中就这些问题进行了讨论,同时介绍了他们最信任的资讯来源。


Chris 和 Michael 共同讨论了止损、止盈和休息在交易中扮演的角色。同时Chris 还简要解释了为什么相对于移动止损,他更倾向于手动修改,精彩内容,您不可错过。